My-Chosen Paint-In Series Metchosin Equestrian Society Fundraiser  

  If you have always wanted to try to paint, then join us.  All adults are welcome!  

  •   This is a fun welcoming atmosphere and at a very reasonable rate of $30.00 per session. in.    These are all pre-registered events.  You can purchase a second canvas for $5.00 if you would like to paint two pictures. 

Preregistration required:
Cheques Payable to:   Metchosin Equestrian Society
                                 5051 LaBonne Road
                                 Victoria BC V9C 4C5

Trish Hyatt Working Equitation Clinic  - September 24, 2017

at Metchosin Riding Ring  or

  • Working Equitation is a fun way of developing horses and riders of all levels and disciplines. People like it because it's not boring and horses like it too as they can understand why they need to use their body the way you've been asking.
  • The intro level is Walk/Trot. The highest levels are all Canter with the exception of specific obstacles that must be walked but the levels in between advance progressively through trotting of some obstacles with canter in between, beginning with lead changes through trot, then walk and eventually flying changes.The levels are designed to allow your horse to progress through the gaits as his fitness and experience dictateThe Metchosin Equestrian Society is hosting a Working Equitation Clinic with Trish Hyatt.  We invite you to participate in this new equestrian sport at our local riding ring. 
  • Working Equitation is a fun sport that is just coming to the US and Canada.  It originated in Europe and is based on the skills needed by the working horse's of Portugal, Spain, Italy and France.  Skills that encompass the desired traits of forward, calm, light and supple.

Email: for further information and entry forms and waivers.

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Sooke Saddle Club Dressage show and tell: August 12th -  Sue Rutherford (judge)

Metchosin Equestrian Society

- started in 1988 by local horse enthusiasts.

January of the following year

MES was formed as a Non-Profit Society.

The District of Metchosin Municipal Ring

is leased and maintained by MES volunteers.

Location: Southern Vancouver Island on the  outskirts of Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA


       MES Contacts

  •       President - Ellen Dewer -  

  •       Vice President - Kathy Atherton -

  •       Ring Bookings - Tammy Berry -

  •       Secretary - Hilary Brown - 

  •       Treasurer - Sandra Jenkins -

  •        Membership/Director at Large - Daphne Carter -

  2017 Membership renewal information

(See Membership page for forms)

  • 2015/16/17 current MES members do not have to submit a completed a District of Metchosin Equestrian Riding Ring Waiver.
  • 2015/16/17 current MES members do not have to submit a completed Metchosin Equestrian Society Acknowledge & Release Form.
  • These forms are not required to be submitted again until 2020. They are good for 5 years.
  • If the MES Acknowledge & Release form was not signed for 2015/16, please submit one with your 2017 membership.

Check out our EVENTS & TRAILS page to see what new activities our members are participating in!!


4th Thursday of each month

Metchosin Community House
       4430 Happy Valley Road
(next to Metchosin Fire Hall)

Next meeting August 13, 2017

7 pm 

Rachel's house 7983 Deer Park Trail