Membership and Waiver forms are available in the MES Mail Box at the main entrance of the Metchosin Riding Ring,

TMES  Members:

  participate in local trail development and   maintenance

  organize trail rides, horse shows and clinics

  educate with lectures and/or demonstrations

  MES represents the interests of the equine community to the District of Metchosinype your paragraph here.


        Horse Council of British Columbia   
        27336 Fraser Highway
        Aldergrove, BC   V4W 3N5

               Toll Free:   1 800 345-8055



District of Metchosin Equestrian Riding Ring Waiver  (this form enables you to ride in the Metchosin District Ring)

Metchosin Equestrian Society Acknowledge & Release Form (this form enables you to join in MES sanctioned horse activities outside of the District Ring)

Metchosin Equestrian Society Membership

(please submit each year)

How to Sign Up or Renew

Please Download the following forms:



  Instructor *

   (Must have BC Coaching

    Insurance coverage)


  Affiliate Club*

  (provide membership list)




       Membership Fees help with maintenance of the Metchosin District Ring

  • Ring fence repairs and painting

  • Grandstand repairs and painting

  • General maintenance around the ring's perimeter:  grass mowed and clipped, floating the ring surface

      Future Projects - ring watering system

  • Annual Horse Council Membership is mandatory.

  • The Metchosin District Waiver is renewable every 5 years         

  • Metchosin Equestrian Society Acknowledge & Release Form is renewable every 5 years.


All memberships are due January 1st

of each year!

Please include cash or cheque payable to:      Metchosin Equestrian Society 

   Complete the above three (3) documents then

       Snail mail or drop off to:

                Daphne Carter

                MES Membership

                866 Latoria Road

                Victoria, BC  V9C 3A7