My-Chosen Paint-In Series Metchosin Equestrian Society Fundraiser

APRIL 23, 2017
2:00 - 4:00 PM
Prepare yourself for a great time to paint a beautiful portrait of your favourite pet. Email a photo (a few days before the event or when registering) and we will transfer it onto a canvas and have it ready for painting. Or if you have a physical photograph, mail it to me and it will be scanned and transferred onto your canvas (photo will be returned day of event). If you missed the first paint-in and would like to paint one of the prepared horse canvasses instead of a pet; please tell me and we will have a few ready for you to choose from.
Registration: preregistration required
Cheques Payable to: Metchosin Equestrian Society
5051 LaBonne Road
Victoria BC V9C 4C5
** Wear an old over shirt or clothes that are okay to get paint on.**

My-Chosen Paint-In Series Metchosin Equestrian Society Fundraiser ──── Be the artist you always wanted to be! ──── Join us for fun/laughs and relaxation. Register early to save a spot – limited enrollment ──── All supplies included to complete one canvas masterpiece. Email a favourite pet photo that will be transferred onto a canvas that you will paint ──── Coffee/tea snacks available METCHOSIN EQUESTRIAN SOCIETY - HOME | FACEBOOK METCHOSIN EQUESTRIAN SOCIETY ON THE WEB RESIDENT ARTIST: RACHEL HEALEY Workshop (left): 4985 Deerpark Trail.  We will be conducting these sessions about every six weeks as per schedule below with the various themes.  These are all on Sundays from 2:00 – 4:00 pm (Liberty Drive/Deerpark Trail area).
April 23rd – Pet Portraits (sample follows: photo with painting)
June 11th – Flowers/garden/blooms (end of spring)
July 23rd – Beach/ocean/lake/country side/landscape
August 27th – Holiday/vacation Pictures
October 8th – Colourful leaves (autumn)
November 19th – Mixed media arts and crafts – Christmas cards
December 3rd – Paint a Christmas present

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