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Stellar Steppers Drill Team

practices at the Metchosin Ring

  • 2017 - performed at the Saanich Fair and Metchosin Day.
  • The team's home base is the Metchosin Riding Ring.
  • Interested in joining:  Contact: Shelly Donaldson - 

MES Events

The 3 C's of Trail Etiqette

1. COMMON SENSE - begins with planning your trip and continues to your encounters with others on the trail. Although trail travelers' protocol calls for the most mobile to yield the right of way, assess the situations and use common sense to determine who can get out of the way most easily. In ideal cases, cyclists yield to everyone and hikers yield to horses. A loaded string of horses going uphill always has the right of way, and a cyclist climbing a steep pitch will appreciate the same consideration.

2. COMMUNICATION - A friendly word of greeting reassures horses and lets others know of your presence. Communicate with other trail users to warn them of dangers or adverse trail conditions, but also to share with them an exceptional view stop or picnic area that you found. It is a good idea to tell other travelers how many people are in your group, so they can prepare to pass the on the trail. Peer group policing is everyone's responsibility - if you see someone acting irresponsibly I the backcountry, warn him or her about the potential dangers.

3. COURTESY - Treat other trail users with courtesy. User conflicts can lead to trail closures - an unnecessary measure if people cooperate and practice the "3 C's".