My-Chosen Paint-In Series Metchosin Equestrian Society Fundraiser

Registration: preregistration required
Cheques Payable to: Metchosin Equestrian Society
                               5051 LaBonne Road
                               Victoria BC V9C 4C5

RESIDENT ARTIST: RACHEL YOUNG - Workshop  4985 Deer Park Trail. 

** Wear an old over shirt or clothes that are okay to get paint on.**

My-Chosen Paint-In Series Metchosin Equestrian Society Fundraiser

  •   Be the artist you always wanted to be!
  •   Join us for fun/laughs and relaxation. Register early to save a spot – limited enrollment
  •   All supplies included to complete one canvas masterpiece.
  •   Coffee/tea snacks available
  •   We will be conducting these sessions about every six weeks as per schedule below with the various themes.
  •  These are all on Sundays from 2:00 – 4:00 pm (Liberty Drive/Deerpark Trail area).

August 27th – Holiday/vacation Pictures
October 8th – Colourful leaves (autumn)
November 19th – Mixed media arts and crafts – Christmas cards
December 3rd – Paint a Christmas present

MES Events

June 17, 2017 - Trish Hyatt Working Equitation Clinic

2 auditors and 7 riders participated.

  • Working Equitation is a fun way of developing horses and riders of all levels and disciplines. People like it because it's not boring and horses like it too as they can understand why they need to use their body the way you've been asking.
  • The intro level is Walk/Trot. The highest levels are all Canter with the exception of specific obstacles that must be walked but the levels in between advance progressively through trotting of some obstacles with canter in between, beginning with lead changes through trot, then walk and eventually flying changes.
  • The levels are designed to allow your horse to progress through the gaits as his fitness and experience dictate."

Next Working Equitation Clinic - September 24, 2017 at the Metchosin Ring.  If interested please email Daphne Carter at